[Colorful Friday] Springtime

[Colorful Friday] Springtime
The sun is shining, the trees blossom – spring is in the air. Would be a good time for a vacation, right? Seaside or mountain trail, citybreak or ecotravel, you decide. Just enjoy the weekend!

[Colorful Friday] – Magenta

[Colorful Friday] - Magenta
Since this Friday is a “colorful” one, I’ve picked magenta. The photo has been shot by my lovely wife, Oana, at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover. Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it, and for those who do not, have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun if you have the chance.

Xamarin or native?

Xamarin or native?
  After developing four apps with Xamarin and a few more natively, we have some conclusions to share with you. As most articles that start with a question, the answer will be “it depends”, but if you are about to make this decision, maybe our PROs and CONs will help you decide. Native is always ...

[Colorful Friday] – The Northern Lights

[Colorful Friday] - The Northern Lights
This Firday I would like to introduce a dear friend of mine and passionate photgrapher from Timisoara, Alexandru Bobica. I love this shot and I hope you do too. Have a nice weekend! The edge of night by Alexandru Bobica on 500px “The picture was taken near the Utakleiv Beach in Lofoten, Norway. It was a ...

[Colorful Friday] – The DeLorean

[Colorful Friday] - The DeLorean
I’ve spotted this beauty at a conference in London last month; it’s a childhood dream come true, I’v seen the DeLorean from “Back to the Future“. Amazing! Happy Friday!

[Colorful Friday] – Autumn Leaves ’14

[Colorful Friday] - Autumn Leaves '14
Autumn has arrived in Timișoara and Oana took a shot at it. :) Happy Friday!

[Colorful Friday] Hallstatt and the Chinese

[Colorful Friday] Hallstatt and the Chinese
We’re one week late with this [Colorful Friday] pic, but it’s worth it the wait. This is the old, traditional village of  Hallstatt in Upper Austria. Tourism is a big industry in Austria, people from all over the world, especially from China, are visiting this lovely, small town. In fact Hallstatt is so adored in China, that the ...

[Colorful Friday] A Walk in the Park

[Colorful Friday] A Walk in the Park
This time – a photo shot in Timisoara’s Central Park – a wallpaper. Enjoy the day! Happy Friday!

[Colorful Friday] – Rainy Days

[Colorful Friday] - Rainy Days
It has been a rainy week here in Timișoara and we would all enjoy a bit of sunshine, that’s for sure! Yet the rain has some benefits, the urban landscape is a lot greener now. :-) Happy Friday!

[Colorful Friday] – The Japanese Tea Ceremony

[Colorful Friday] - The Japanese Tea Ceremony
It’s the third Friday of the month, it’s Colorful Friday. This time we’ve chosen a theme close to our hearts & souls – the four principles of the Japanese Tea Ceremony: harmony respect purity tranquility  Find your Tea Mood and check out more pictures from our new Zen Room at http://www.cobaltsign.com/meet-the-zen-room/.   Happy Easter Friday!